Honoring mentors with funding for your future

Where would any of us be without mentors?

From the influential role models of your past to the peers who encourage you today, mentors play an important role in shaping you as an educator throughout every stage of your career, especially as you pay it forward and inspire other educators.

We’re honoring mentors in education with a series of DonorsChoose.org giveaways (more details below) to help fund a brighter future for you and your students.

Current Giveaway

Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway: May 7 – 11

To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re funding $10,000 in DonorsChoose.org projects to celebrate the contributions teachers make in the lives of students and teachers every day.

Starting May 1st, enter your existing DonorsChoose.org project, or get busy creating one:

Don’t forget to tell us about your mentors on our Facebook page!

You must read and agree to the terms and conditions of the giveaway before submitting your entry to win. The contest offers daily prizes valued up to $500.

We want to hear from you!

Tell us about a past mentor who’s had a positive impact on your life by sharing your story on our Facebook page. Or give a Facebook shout out to a mentor who’s making a difference in your life right now.

Winners of our Assistant Principals Week DonorsChoose Giveaway.

Tabitha J. of NC
Christina F. of AK
Haley M. of VA
Pauline M. of ME
Nikki M. of CT
Cathe D of CA
Josh M. of CA
Donna K. of TX
Kristen K. CA
Sarah D. of OR
Abbie D. of MD
Sarah G. of MO
Melanie D. of VA
Jennifer R. of SC
Melanie R. of NC
Julie S. of MN
Ingrid M. FL
Ana L. of TX
Kellianne B. TX
Christine B. of NC
Peggy G. of NC
Haylee L. of TN
Melinda W. of TN
Trisha H. of FL
Mindy K. or MN
Sherrin T. of MA
Michelle F. of CA
Dayna L. of PA
Cynthia C. GA
Allison M. of CA
Amy P. of FL
Leda M. of CA
Stephanie R. of GA
Melissa A. of CA

Winners of our Teacher Appreciation Week DonorsChoose Giveaway.

Melanie H. of LA
Kim D. of LA
Chelsea S. of IN
Nancy D. of FL
Nicki L. of MN
Nancy M. of OH
Jo Anne R. of TX
Erika B. of ME
Stephanie S. of SC
Talia K. of TX
Jill M. of LA
Kristine L. of RI
Lisa C. of NV
Chandra F. of MA
Laura R. of GA
Zuleyka S. of CT
Merriane M. of NC
Ann B. of PA
Elizabeth C. of TX
Bobbie H. of MO
Laura R. of FL
Jennifer B. of VA
Brenda W. of AL
Amanda A. of FL
Elizabeth N. of NC
Kristi O. of WI
Crystal W. of NC
Ingrid M. of FL
Nancy M. of OH
Pam B. of MI
Jessica H. WI
Kristin D. of TX
Jessica M. of CA

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