A History of Financial Strength

At Horace Mann, we take seriously our responsibility to clients who have entrusted us with their money for asset protection and retirement planning, and to those who rely on us for protection from unexpected events. That’s why we’re proud of the solid reputation for financial stability we’ve built over the past 75 years.


Independent agencies rate our ability to pay claims and death benefits as well as meet other financial obligations. They have assigned the following ratings to Horace Mann and our principal subsidiaries in each division.

  A.M. Best Company Standard & Poor's Moody's Investors Service Fitch Ratings
Horace Mann Insurance Company A A A2 A
Individual Insurance & Financial Services Division
Horace Mann Life Insurance Company A A A2 A
Horace Mann Lloyds A - - A
Horace Mann Property & Casualty Insurance Company A A A2 A
Teachers Insurance Company A A A2 A
Supplemental & Group Benefits Division
Madison National Life A
NTA Life A

The consensus among these rating agencies is that Horace Mann is in a solid position to meet its obligations.

  • A.M. Best rates insurers’ financial strength and their ability to meet ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations on a scale of A+ (Superior) to D (Poor). Horace Mann’s A (Excellent) rating is the third highest of 16 ratings.
  • Standard & Poor’s rates insurance organizations’ ability to pay their policies and contracts from AAA (Extremely Strong) to D (In Default). Horace Mann’s A (Strong) rating is the sixth highest of 21 ratings.
  • Moody’s Investors Service rates insurers' ability to pay policyholder claims and obligations from Aaa (exceptional) to C (extremely poor). Horace Mann's A2 (Good) rating is the sixth highest of 21 ratings.
  • Fitch Ratings grades insurance organizations’ financial strength from AAA (Exceptionally Strong) to CCC (Distressed). Horace Mann's A (Strong) rating is the sixth highest of 17 ratings.

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