Horace Mann Mobile

If you’re a Horace Mann customer, Horace Mann Mobile is your one-stop-shop for peace of mind when you're on the go. This mobile application (available for the Android, iPhone®, iPod Touch and iPad - version 2 and up) allows you to view your auto insurance policy details and auto ID card, submit an auto insurance claim, find emergency roadside tips, call your local Horace Mann agent, and much more.

If you’re involved in an auto accident, Horace Mann Mobile has everything you need to capture important information to submit your claim.

With This Application, Horace Mann Customers Can:

Horace Mann Mobile
  • View your auto insurance policy details,
  • View your auto insurance ID card,
  • Submit an auto insurance claim,
  • Take photos of an accident scene or damage to a vehicle,
  • Call Emergency Roadside Service,
  • Get contact information and call your Horace Mann agent, and
  • Request an insurance quote from your Horace Mann agent.

Plus, you can learn more about how Horace Mann supports educators in the classroom with classroom funding opportunities.

If you’re not a Horace Mann customer, you can still use the application to find a local Horace Mann agent, request an insurance quote from a local agent and learn about our classroom funding opportunities.


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