Horace Mann flash funds all Rapid City, SD, DonorsChoose projects to celebrate beginning of school year

RAPID CITY, SD, Aug. 21, 2023 - Horace Mann announced it had funded all open DonorsChoose projects in Rapid City Area Schools at the district’s back-to-school staff rally on Monday. The 30 projects funded will impact more than 1,500 students across the district’s 23 schools. They include social-emotional learning resources, alternate seating options like wobble chairs and classroom rugs, new books and learning games. At Valley View Elementary School, funding will be used to create dedicated “calming spaces” where students can sit when feeling emotionally overwhelmed to read books or play with fidget toys.

"We know educators spend their own money in the classroom to provide the best possible educational experience for their students," said Horace Mann President and CEO Marita Zuraitis, who announced the funding. "We deeply respect that dedication, which is one of the reasons why our company is dedicated to helping educators protect what they have today and prepare for a successful tomorrow."

Zuraitis spoke to RCAS staff about how Horace Mann works collaboratively with community and school partners and her appreciation for educators. Classes start for RCAS students on Tuesday. "Educators give so much of themselves to make sure each and every student has the ability to reach their full potential," she said. "This is just one small way we can thank educators for everything they do."

About Horace Mann

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