Our no-cost educational workshops are designed to help school districts and their employees address some of the challenges they face – both in and out of the classroom. Learn about the workshops we offer and request to bring one to your school. 

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Learn about our workshops

  • What You "Auto" Know 
    Want to learn how to select the right auto insurance for you? This workshop focuses on the basics of auto insurance, including factors that may affect insurance costs and how to choose the right coverage for your needs.
  • The Value of Life Insurance
    Life insurance is an important part of your financial plan. This workshop goes over the basics of life insurance, the importance of having life insurance protection and the types of life insurance products available.  
  • Get on the Road to Retirement Savings 
    Creating a plan can help you reach your retirement goals. This workshop covers the benefits of an employer-sponsored supplemental retirement plan, such as a 403(b), in your overall retirement savings strategy.
  • Retirement Income
    Will your income in retirement meet your retirement goals? This workshop covers how to prepare for and live in retirement and understand the income you may need to live out your retirement dreams.
  • State Teachers' Retirement System

    Understanding your state’s retirement benefits is key to planning for your retirement. This workshop shows educators how their state retirement benefits and supplemental retirement plans can work together.

    Not available in Delaware or Utah.

  • Financial Success
    Financial success is about reaching your personal financial goals. This workshop gives educators information to help them reach their financial goals and how budgeting, saving and spending wisely can help.
  • Financial Services for Women Series

    Women face unique challenges in planning for the future. This series of workshops is designed to help women understand and overcome those challenges when it comes to financial decisions, life insurance and retirement planning.

    • The Importance of Life Insurance for Women
    • Women & Retirement
    • Financial Success for Women
  • Millennials and Financial Wellness
    Millennials make up a major portion of today’s workforce. This workshop covers financial wellness strategies for a generation that came of age in an unstable work environment and record levels of student debt.
  • Student Loan Solutions
    Educators deserve relief from the burden of student loan debt. This workshop covers the federal forgiveness programs available to public educators and how our no-cost Student Loan Solutions program can help them navigate forgiveness, find savings and get on a path toward a brighter financial future.
  • DonorsChoose
    Many educators find themselves reaching into their own pockets for classroom supplies. This workshop helps teachers in need of classroom resources learn how to utilize DonorsChoose to find the funding they need to give their students the best education possible.

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