Supplemental Insurance

Protect your most valuable items

Son giving father a gift

Have you been showing off a new engagement ring lately (congrats!)? Or maybe you were gifted a piece of fine art or a prized family heirloom?

Most policies have sub-limits on certain types of property, which means more expensive items, such as jewelry, antiques, artwork, collectibles, firearms, golf clubs or musical instruments, may only be partially covered in the event of a covered loss. So, if your $5,000 engagement ring is stolen, but your property policy has a sub-limit of $1,500 on jewelry, that excess of $3,500 will not be covered when you file a claim.

Scheduled Personal Property coverage is an optional add-on, or endorsement, to your home, renters or condo policy that provides additional protection for those high-value items. When you schedule an item, you insure it for its full value. Scheduled Personal Property coverage can also protect those items against broader risks, such as breaking or losing the item, which typically isn’t covered under a standard home insurance policy. Plus, losses on unscheduled personal property are subject to your policy’s deductible, but there is no deductible on the items you schedule.

Because many high-value items can appreciate over time, it’s a good idea to get them appraised on a regular basis and review your coverages with your Horace Mann representative each year to ensure your most treasured items are properly protected.

Contact your agent for more information about getting your valuables covered.

The information provided here is for general informational purposes only. Horace Mann Insurance Company and its affiliates underwrite Horace Mann home insurance. The coverages listed are only a general description of coverage and do not constitute a statement of contract. Additional terms and conditions, as described in the policy, must be met for the coverage to be provided.