Claims FAQs

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General claims FAQs

  • Who do I call to ask about a claim payment?
    You may direct all questions to your assigned claim representative.
  • Do you need to have a log-in username and password to file an online claim? 
    Yes, you will need to create an account to file a claim online. Creating an account allows you to view your claim status, view your claim representative's contact information and access your policy and billing information.
  • Why do you need my email address?
    By using your email address, we can reach out to you with information and questions as we review your claim, allowing you to respond or call us when it’s convenient for you. 
  • How does the auto and homeowner claim process work?
    Once you submit an insurance claim, your claim is forwarded to one of our regional offices, and a representative from the office handling your claim will contact you.
  • How long does as an auto or homeowner claim take to process?
    Several factors, such as the severity of the damage and whether another party was involved, can affect the length the process. Your assigned claim representative will explain the process for your individual situation. For instance, if your vehicle has sustained minor damage, you may be able to submit your photos through the Horace Mann photo app. Your assigned claim representative will make the determination and send you the instructions if your claim is eligible.
  • How do I report an incident of suspected insurance fraud?
    To report suspected insurance fraud, please contact the Office of Consumer Affairs.

Auto insurance claims FAQs

  • How do I report damage to my windshield or car window?
    If the covered vehicle has glass damage only, you may use the Horace Mann Fast Glass program administered by Safelite. If you need help locating a glass repair shop near you, or if you have additional questions, please call the Horace Mann Glass Unit at 888-321-9391

    If the vehicle has additional damage other than glass, you'll need to file an auto insurance claim.  Teachers, please make sure to note if the damage happened on school property and/or at a school function.
  • What do I do if I need a rental car?
    Your assigned claim representative will go over your policy coverages with you and explain how the rental process works.
  • Who do I call if my car breaks down?
    If your car breaks down, and you have Emergency Roadside Service on your policy, please call 877-272-0030 for roadside services.
  • Car insurance claims tips:

    Use the Auto Checklist immediately after your car accident.  Remember to report your claim as soon as possible at 800-999-1030 or log in to your account to report online. 

Homeowner insurance claims FAQs

  • Homeowner insurance claims tips:

    Use the Property Checklist immediately for tips and guidance.  Report your claim as soon as possible at 800-999-1030 or log in to your account to report online.

  • What do I do if I have water damage?
    • Report your claim as soon as possible at 800-999-1030 or log in to your account to report online.
    • Turn off the water to that area (e.g., the bathroom) or to the entire home.
    • Try to clean up the water with towels and fans to the extent you can.
    • Call a mitigation company that can assist with water removal and drying processes.
    • Call a plumber.
    • If there is possible mold growth, do not set up fans as this can spread mold spores. Contact a mitigation company instead.
    • Take photos of the damage and damaged contents and save all receipts.
    • Notify your agent. Your Horace Mann representative can help!

Life insurance and annuity claims FAQs

  • How do I file a death claim on a life insurance policy or annuity contract?
    We are sorry for your loss.  If you are the policy beneficiary, you can Death file a life insurance claim by using our Death Claims Form or by calling 800-999-1030, and one of our Distinctive Customer Service Representatives will assist you.  You may need a copy of the death certificate and additional certified copies for other life insurance companies.