Claims FAQ

How Does the Auto and Homeowner Claim Process Work?

Once you submit an auto or homeowner claim, your claim is forwarded to one of our regional claims offices, and a representative from the claims office handling your claim will contact you.

Auto glass claims are handled by our Fast Glass unit in the home office. You may use a network repair shop or the glass repair company of your choice. If the repair work has already been completed, please send the bill to:

The Horace Mann Companies
P.O. Box 19223
Springfield, IL 62794-9223

If you need help locating a glass repair shop near you, or if you have additional questions, please call Horace Mann Fast Glass at 1-888-321-9391. The Horace Mann Fast Glass program is administered by a third-party contractor on behalf of The Horace Mann Companies.

How Do I Submit a Disability Claim?

To submit a disability claim, call our disability claims administrator toll-free at 1-866-779-2078.

How Do I File a Death Claim on a Life Insurance Policy?

If you are the policy beneficiary, you can initiate a death claim using our online Claims form. Or, you may call our Call Center at 1-800-999-1030, and one of our Customer Service representatives will assist you.

How Do I Submit a Death Claim on an Annuity Contract?

To file a death claim on an annuity contract, use our online Claims form, or call our Call Center at 1-800-999-1030.

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