Request edelivery of your prospectus docs

Sign up to have your prospectuses and related documents emailed to you. It is an easy, convenient way to view and save your documents. To sign up to receive future annuity documents electronically, visit My Account and follow these instructions:

  1. Login/Register - If you already have an online account, log in. If you do not have a Horace Mann online account, register now to view information and make changes regarding your annuity.
  2. Navigate to eDelivery - Once you are logged in, click on My Profile, and then click on eCommunications tab.
  3. Enroll in eDelivery - On the eCommunications page, select Edit preferences or Enroll and select eDelivery for documents you want to receive electronically. To complete the enrollment, accept the Terms and Conditions and click enroll! You will receive an email confirming your eDelivery enrollment.
  4. Viewing your documents - As an enrolled customer, you will receive an email when a document is ready for viewing. The email will contain a link to our Customer Care Center. After logging in, you can view your documents in the My Doc section. Documents are retained for two years on the Customer Care Center.