Horace Mann Retirement Advantage®

You already have plans for your paycheck - bills, leisure and giving to others - so it may be hard to think about your retirement.  That's where Horace Mann can help.

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We are here for you!

At Horace Mann, we're here to help you navigate the path to retirement with Horace Mann Retirement Advantage®, available under your employer's supplemental retirement plan.

We can help make it easier for you to achieve a secure financial future no matter what your financial situation is today or where you are in your career. We're here to help you every step of the way.

What stage are you in your retirement journey?

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I am retired

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Horace Mann Investors, Inc. offers Horace Mann Retirement Advantage® as 403(b), 457(b) and 401(a) investment options. Horace Mann Investors, Inc., member FINRA, is located at 1 Horace Mann Plaza, Springfield, IL 62715. You can receive prospectuses from your Horace Mann representative, by calling 877-602-1870 or by visiting horacemann.com/retirementadvantage. You should read the prospectuses carefully and consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before you invest or send money. The prospectuses will provide complete information about these subjects. As with all securities, mutual funds involve a risk of loss, including a loss of principal.

Custodial services are provided by Matrix Trust Company, a Colorado state-chartered trust company located at 717 17th Street, Suite 1300, Denver, CO 80202.

The information provided here is for general informational purposes only, and should not be considered a recommendation or investment, tax or legal advice. Retirement Advantage is not structured to the individualized needs of a particular plan, participant or beneficiary. The plan sponsor is responsible for selecting and monitoring investment options in which participants and beneficiaries may invest. Each investor needs to create an investment strategy for his or her own particular situation before making any investment decisions.

Withdrawals from a 403(b), 457(b) and 401(a) account are restricted by the Internal Revenue Code and may be further restricted by your employer’s plan. Generally, you may make a withdrawal from a 403(b) account only upon reaching age 59½, severance from employment, disability or certain hardships (if allowed by the plan); a 457(b) account only upon reaching age 59½, severance from employment, disability or an unforeseeable emergency (if allowed by the plan); and a 401(a) account only upon reaching a specified age, severance from employment or disability. If you take money out before age 59½, you could be subject to a federal penalty tax of 10% (except for 457(b) accounts) in addition to income taxes. You should consult with a tax advisor regarding any tax-favored products.