PASS programs

We believe perfect attendance and personal achievement spell success.

Our agents are helping teachers and administrators across the country motivate schoolchildren to reach their full potential through the PASS programs they sponsor. 

  • The Perfect Attendance Spells Success program helps address the impact attendance rates have on student performance.  The program gets students excited about going to school by rewarding them with prizes, such as a bike or an Amazon Kindle Fire.
  • The Personal Achievement Spells Success program encourages students to achieve the academic goals or classroom accomplishments you set.  Students who respond well to the program qualify for prizes, just like in our Perfect Attendance Spells Success program.

For each PASS program, the teacher and school/district set the criteria, decide how long the program runs and determine how prize winners will be chosen.  Your local Horace Mann agent sponsors the program and provides the prizes and promotion.

Ready to bring a PASS program to your school or district?

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