Homeowners insurance


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Residence coverage

This coverage protects your dwelling and structures on your property, such as garages, porches and decks including the cost to rebuild.

Related private structures coverage

Coverage protects additional structures and outdoor fixtures not attached to your home, unless you use them for business.

Medical payments coverage

This coverage pays for necessary medical expenses (subject to policy limits) for non-residents injured on your property.

Personal liability coverage

Provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage for which you are liable, subject to exclusions.

Unscheduled personal property coverage

This protects your personal belongings anywhere in the world! The policy limits coverage for certain types of property, but you can increase these limits or insure certain valuable items with Scheduled Personal Property coverage, which is not subject to the policy's deductible.

Coverage for additional living expenses and loss of rent

We cover extra reasonable and necessary costs incurred (up to your policy's limit) if you're forced to live in temporary quarters due to covered loss or repair of your home.

Homeowners insurance discounts
A number of factors can affect your Homeowners insurance premium, but we offer several discounts to help you save.
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Auto insurance
You could save when you combine your Homeowners policy with Horace Mann auto insurance. See how our auto coverage can meet your unique needs at an affordable price. 
Scheduled personal property icon
Scheduled Personal Property

Gives you increased coverage on expensive items like jewelry, art, golf clubs or antiques.

Replacement costs icon
Replacement Cost insurance

Protects your personal property – such as your TV and furniture – by covering the cost to replace them.

Identity fraud advocacy icon
Identity Fraud Advocacy Services

Helps restore your identity if compromised and comes with our property policy at no charge.

Water backup coverage icon
Water Backup coverage

Helps protect your home and belongings from water damage.

Underground lines icon
Underground Service Line coverage

Protects underground wires/pipes on your property that provide services to your home.

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SimpliSafe Home Security

Horace Mann customers can save up to 64% on a 24/7 home security system.

Horace Mann Insurance Company and its affiliates underwrite Horace Mann home and auto insurance. The benefits and discounts listed are only general descriptions of coverage and do not constitute a statement of contract. Additional terms and conditions, as described in the policy, must be met for the coverage to be provided. Not all discounts and benefits available in all states. SimpliSafe is not an affiliate of Horace Mann.