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A number of factors can affect homeowner insurance premiums, including a home’s age, location and proximity to a fire hydrant or fire station. But we offer a number of discounts to reduce a homeowner’s premium.

Multiline Discount

Policyholders may qualify for a multiline discount on their homeowner insurance if they have an auto or life insurance policy or an annuity with Horace Mann.

Construction Year Discount

Some homeowners may receive a construction year discount if their home was built in the last 10 years.

Claims/Persistency Discount*

Customers who have not had a paid insurance claim on their home in at least six years could receive a percentage off of their monthly premium.

Home Buyer Loyalty Discount*

Those with a rental insurance policy who convert to a homeowner policy when they purchase a new home may qualify for a one-time credit on their homeowner insurance.

Educator Advantage*

Educators can receive additional property coverage at no additional charge through Homeowner Educator Advantage. The new endorsement offers coverage if money or goods for a school-sponsored event are stolen while in an educator’s possession, reimbursement for the replacement of keys or rekeying of locks for the customer’s home and auto if his/her keys are stolen, and no deductible if the customer’s personal property is stolen while it is being used for educational activities away from the home.

Protective Device Discount*

Protective devices offer assistance in protecting homeowners against fire and theft. Because of this, customers who purchase these devices may qualify for a discount on their homeowner insurance premium.

* Discounts are not available in all states. See your Horace Mann insurance agent for more details.

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