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Answers to common questions about our Student Loan Solutions program

Is there a cost to the Student Loan Solutions program?
No, there is no fee. The Student Loan Solutions program is complimentary to current Horace Mann customers, all U.S. public school employees, and college graduates entering the field of education.

How do I sign up for Student Loan Solutions?
To sign up and confirm you're eligible, go to After you complete the signup form, you will receive an email from containing instructions to create a password and log in to your account.

If you're an employee of one of our partner school districts, select your employer from our partners page and complete the signup form.

What is a Student Loan Solutions account?
A Student Loan Solutions account provides access to resources, tools and loan coaching to help manage your student loan debt. Important to all educators with student loans, you can find out if you qualify for federal loan forgiveness or lower payments, and if you qualify for federal loan forgiveness, you can also get help applying.

Who’s eligible for a Student Loan Solutions account?
Current Horace Mann customers, all U.S. public school employees and college graduates entering the field of education are eligible to sign up for a Student Loan Solutions account.

Are my family members eligible for a Student Loan Solutions account?
Yes, you can invite a spouse, partner, sibling, child, grandchild or parent to create his or her own Student Loan Solutions account. Each family member can connect his or her own student loan information and get access to the tools and resources.

To add a family member, log in to your account and scroll down to the “Invite Family Members” tile.

I've lost or haven’t received my account creation email. How do I login?
To activate your account, call 855-353-9395 or email

If you requested your account within the last 30 days, check your junk folder for an email from Click the “Get Started” button in the email to activate your account. If you can’t find the email, call technical support at 855-353-9395.

How do I login to my account?
If you’ve already created your account, select LOGIN in the upper right corner of any page on to access your account. You may also access your account from

If you’ve requested an account, but haven’t logged in for the first time, call technical support at 855-353-9395 or email to activate your account.

Where can I get technical assistance with my account?
For live help, call 855-353-9395 or chat at, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. You may also email

Could I ever no longer be eligible for an account?
Horace Mann customers are always eligible for a Student Loan Solutions account, and the service is always complimentary.

Who qualifies for loan forgiveness?
All full-time employees of public schools - teachers, administration, support staff - with federal student loans can qualify for public service loan forgiveness. To find out if you could qualify, signup for a Student Loan Solutions account and get a personalized evaluation of your loans.

Do I qualify for loan forgiveness if my loans have been consolidated?
Maybe, depending on the type of loan and your employment. To find out if you qualify, login to your account, link your loan(s) to confirm your loan type(s), and complete the Strategy Finder. You can also schedule time to discuss your unique circumstances with a loan coach.

When should I use a loan coach?
Reach out to a loan coach if you have any questions about your student loans. Loan coaches are complimentary and come with your Student Loan Solutions account. They are trained to help with loan forgiveness programs, consolidation and refinance strategies, and default.

You can schedule a call or chat with a loan coach, or you can correspond through private email messages – whichever you prefer. Log in to your account and select the “Student Loan Coaches” tile to schedule time or send a private email.


*Potential savings of educators assisted by Horace Mann with Public Service Loan Forgiveness in 2020 based on assumptions established by the U.S. Office of Federal Student Aid. For more information regarding the U.S. Office of Federal Student Aid assumptions, refer to

The information provided here is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered a recommendation. Horace Mann's Student Loan Solutions program includes services provided by a third party. Horace Mann is a private, independent company not affiliated with the Department of Education or the federal government. Horace Mann does not negotiate, adjust or settle debts. No assistance provided by Horace Mann constitutes official action for purposes of student loan forgiveness programs or guaranteed results. Horace Mann’s Student Loan Solutions program terms are subject to change.

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