Home Insurance

If you own a home, townhouse or condo, we can find the protection that's right for you.

Homeowners Insurance

Protect your home and all its contents

Horace Mann’s homeowner policies provide the building blocks you need to withstand most hazards, and are customizable to meet your specific needs.

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Renters Insurance

Don’t be left out in the cold if your rental is damaged

If you’re a renter, your landlord isn’t responsible for loss or damage to your personal property. Protect your valuables with renter insurance.

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Identity Theft Services

Horace Mann helps you protect your identity

Identity theft can rob you of your money, time and reputation. Because we’re committed to protecting you and your family, we’re proud to offer Identity Fraud Advocacy Services.

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News You Can Use

Preventing water damage in your home

By performing regular checks and maintenance on your water heater and appliances, you can potentially avoid costly and inconvenient water damage to your home.

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